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DIY Drawer Organizer

The kitchen in our new place has just three drawers.  That seemed hard to work with until we considered our last kitchen didn’t have much more with its four small drawers.

Plus, one of our new drawers is quite large. However, that seems to mean that anything I put in there is basically swimming in it including my expandable utensil organizer that is usually fills a drawer on its own.

So I went to Pinterest for some ideas and came across this tutorial for a drawer organizer on  At only about $5 this is also a great bargain!

I didn’t plan mine as carefully as their project but just checked the depth I would need for my drawer and picked up a couple of the 1/4″ craft boards from Home Depot. I wasn’t yet sure exactly what would go in the drawer or how much would fit except that I wanted to keep my utensil organizer. We’re renting so it could come in handy whenever we move on from here plus that’s several less compartments I need to make.

Once I got the boards home, I started thinking about how things would fit the drawer and started measuring and marking the boards.IMG_3737.JPG


Although I have a saw, I thought it would be easy enough to cut these by scoring them with a razor and then snapping each piece off.  It left the edges a bit rough but it was easy enough to smooth those out with the razor.


I glued the pieces together while they sat in the drawer with paper underneath to keep ti from sticking to the drawer itself. As I worked through the different sections, I realized it was important that I have boards going the full length and width of the drawer to keep the divider from sliding around.

Here’s the final product!


Unfortunately, you cannot get things out of the back compartment without pulling the drawer out…

The items I stashed back there aren’t used too often so I’m ok with that.  If I owned this house, I would probably invest in the full extension drawer slides mentioned on to allow us easier access to that space.




I had some leftover craft board so I also created a place to keep our foil, plastic wrap and other similar rolls.


Here I just cut pieces to fit inside the cabinet and glued them together.  I attached them to the cabinet door using some 3M adhesive strips like these.

It’s key when making this to be sure that you have enough clearance on the sides to easily open the cabinet door.  😉

On Making Things

I love making things. But I’m not a perfectionist and if things don’t turn out 100% how I’d hoped, I usually just accept the results and happily use my new lovely creation (of course sometimes things turn out too poorly for even that 😜).

I eat the runny pie and not-so-great waffles. I ate tons of slightly inedible whole wheat recipes before landing on this one and I use the slightly wobbly shelves or table.

I’ve read a lot of DIY instructions and, obviously, it’s always best if you start out with the proper instructions. It’s a real bummer when you start a project and it turns out the guide you’re following is incorrect or incomplete.  Trying to avoid falling into the second category has led me to not share most of my projects.

But I’ve decided there’s another way.  Even if my project isn’t 100% publication ready, I’ll share it.  But I’ll also share the instructions that I think you should use and explain what I did that could have gone better.

Here are some photos of projects past, some of which I may never make again and others which are sure to reappear in the future.