On Making Things

I love making things. But I’m not a perfectionist and if things don’t turn out 100% how I’d hoped, I usually just accept the results and happily use my new lovely creation (of course sometimes things turn out too poorly for even that 😜).

I eat the runny pie and not-so-great waffles. I ate tons of slightly inedible whole wheat recipes before landing on this one and I use the slightly wobbly shelves or table.

I’ve read a lot of DIY instructions and, obviously, it’s always best if you start out with the proper instructions. It’s a real bummer when you start a project and it turns out the guide you’re following is incorrect or incomplete.  Trying to avoid falling into the second category has led me to not share most of my projects.

But I’ve decided there’s another way.  Even if my project isn’t 100% publication ready, I’ll share it.  But I’ll also share the instructions that I think you should use and explain what I did that could have gone better.

Here are some photos of projects past, some of which I may never make again and others which are sure to reappear in the future.

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