Slide Out, Space Saving Pantry

I actually wrote this a few years ago but never got around to publishing it. Publishing now for your viewing pleasure. 🙃

There were a few things that I knew before moving several months ago.

  1. That after living with random pieces of wood lying around the house for a year, I’d been forbidden from moving any of it with us to the new place.
  2. That I was going to need to build some things to save space at the new place.

So, I planned and built this project before moving so we could easily throw out any remaining pieces of wood.

If you’ve lived in New Orleans or any area of the country with old houses, you know that they don’t generally have pantries unless there’s been some major remodeling inside. At our old place, I converted a (somewhat) bricked in fireplace into extra storage for food.

This worked well enough but wasn’t my favorite for a lot of reasons.  The new place obviously has a different setup so I went searching for some new ideas and found this great slide out pantry concept on Pinterest.

For the new pantry, I roughly followed this tutorial from DIY Passion with some changes to make it my own. I also really liked this image of a chalkboard pull out pantry from House Beautiful. Our fridge is black and I felt it would also give the pantry a more seamless look (plus who doesn’t love chalkboards?).


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