Animal Crossing in the Pandemic

Animal Crossing has held a lot of joy for me during the pandemic. It’s allowed me to escape reality to an adorable and cheerful world. I can be creative there without creating a mess to deal with at home later (or you know a smaller mess if I drag out a bunch of cords 😂), visit real life friends (which I couldn’t do during anywhere else!), and just get away from it all.

Here’s a highlight of my favorite experiences so far.

A few of my designs. Visit my full design library at MA-6925-7192-9394.

Visiting Biden headquarters and even donning my RBG custom design for what might be the most epic photo ever with Biden and everyone’s favorite villager, Raymond, perfectly framed behind us.

I haven’t taken enough photos of visits but here are a few of friends visiting or me visiting another island.

Hanging out with villagers.

A lot of peaceful solo moments.

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