Garden Stakes / Plant Labels

Since I’ve been gardening this spring, I wanted to make some kind of plant labels to identify what I’ve planted so far. I usually use the plastic ones that come with plants but they tend to get lost in the dirt or blow away over time. Plus custom ones would be fun! 😇

After a lot of searching Pinterest for inspiration I decided to make some out of polymer clay and use letter presses for the text.

It wasn’t the most successful plan in the end but they still are cute and usable.

I stretched the bars out into a rough stake shape. The sides were hard to get straight with this method and I struggled to keep the thickness even. A mould would probably be ideal but I just wanted a quick and easy craft so I used the table and other flat surfaces to straighten them up as much as I could.

I purchased letter presses intended for jewelry but I would’ve looked for something else in retrospect. They were shallow to use on clay and difficult to make sure the text would be visible. I am excited to possibly use these on metal though so no regrets!

Once I got the labels pressed into each stake, I put them on a parchment lined baking pan and baked according to the package instructions. Or maybe a bit longer to make sure they hardened.

The end result wasn’t what I expected. The stakes were still slightly soft but I was able to get them in the ground and they look great! Plus I don’t need to worry that I’ll lose track of which plant is which! 😅

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